‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Contract May Make Corinne’s Planned Lawsuit Difficult To Win

The scandal seems to be just ramping upafter news broke earlier this week that contestantCorinne Olympioshas hired a high-powered lawyer to help her go over what occurredduring the shows production.

In a statementtoTMZ regarding the incidents that transpired on , Corinne said:

I am a victim and have spent the last week trying to make sense of what happened on June 4. Although I have little memory of that night, something bad obviously took place, which I understand is why production on the show has now been suspended and a producer on the show has filed a complaint against the production.

As a woman, this is my worst nightmare and it has now become my reality. As I pursue the details and facts surrounding that night and the immediate days after, I have retained a group of professionals to ensure that what happened on June 4 comes to light and I can continue my life, including hiring an attorney to obtain justice and seeking therapy to begin dealing with the physical and emotional trauma stemming from that evening.

The move seems to suggest Corinne is considering a lawsuit for the alleged incident that took place while filming, but a closer look at the contract the network makes its contestants sign could make that difficult for Corinne.


According to TMZ, who claims to have gotten a hold of acontract, the legal document reportedly requires contestants to waive their right to sue producers over the following claims:

Negligence, personal injury (including without limitation, any injuries arising out of the transmission of a sexually transmitted disease or unwelcome/unlawful contact or other interaction among participants).

Elite Daily reached out to ABC to confirm the accuracy of these documents and did nothearback at the time of publication.

Following the alleged misconduct, has suspended production indefinitely.Warner Brothers providedElite Daily with a statement on the suspension:

We have become aware of allegations of misconduct on the set of in Mexico. We have suspended production and we are conducting a thorough investigation of these allegations. Once the investigation is complete, we will take appropriate responsive action.


From what we know so far, Corinne was supposedly unable to give consent during an alleged sexual encounter that reportedly took place withcontestant DeMario Jackson while the crew of was filming them.

And it sounds like a court battle may indeed be in the near future, as DeMario affirmed that he too is taking legal action in his ownstatementto E! Online on the incident:

Its unfortunate that my character and family name has been assassinated this past week with false claims and malicious allegations. I will be taking swift and appropriate legal action until my name is cleared and, per the advice of legal counsel, will be seeking all available remedies entitled to me under the laws.

Although the contract clause makes Corinnes case (if she chooses to bring it to court) sound grim, there is hope. TMZ pointed out that in similar cases, courts have ruled the producer exemption clause unenforceable if they were found to be acting recklessly. TMZ does not make clear to which cases, television shows, or individuals this has applied.

So if this whole thing does go to court, it sounds like it will all hinge on Corinnes lawyers and whether they canprove that producers were reckless in their handling of the situation.

Elite Daily reached out to Corinnes representative regarding her court plans and did not hearback by the time of publication.

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