Harvey Weinstein Going To Rehab For Sex Addiction Could It Get Him His Job Back??

Harvey Weinstein may still legally be denying the accusations against him, but it seems he’s still doing something about the cause.

According to

One of their sources says Harvey is staying calm because he plans “to come back with fresh, new ideas.”

Um… what? Like for his legal defense??

Nope. TMZ is also

He may still have quite a bit of leverage in negotiations; a big factor to consider is what the Board of Directors have to fear if this were to go to court.

After all, we’re talking about years of sexual misconduct. Are they sure there isn’t some proof that they found out a long time ago..?

As it stands, it doesn’t so much look like TWC is going to be throwing Harvey a lifeline so much as Harvey is going to be dragging the Company down with him.

Hey, we wonder if Harvey coming back would have a list of prerequisites. And we wonder if the top of that list would be a stint in sex addiction rehab.

Just a thought…

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